Our Story

Our beginning was a disaster.

A complete and utter shambles.

While at university our managing director was growing increasingly frustrated. He searched high and low, but everywhere he looked he could not find someone to create clothing for the lacrosse team he was apart off.

He asked here and there, every time receiving the same response “fill out this application, how many do you need? “or “do you have the exact sizes?”.

But how could a humble university student manage, organise and take payments of an entire club – it was simply impossible.

Growing in frustration, he decided to take matters into his own hands.

With little knowledge of web design, manufacturing or customer service he set out on a mission. He didn’t have much. But he had a dream.

The initial store was created using YouTube tutorials. It was slow to load, unresponsive and uglier than anything anyone had ever seen.

He ploughed on.

The first sympathy order came in from a friend, one of three total orders there would be.

Not understanding manufacturing, he went with brands such as Gildan and Fruit of the Loom. These brands had ruled over the land for so long that it seemed like the only option.

The first product was created, it was terrible.

Doubt started to creep in, “I don’t think it’s possible, the cheap hoodies and t-shirts just have too much off a hold on the clubs and societies across the UK” he would think to himself.

The product was terrible, the store was terrible the marketing was terrible.

But then something changed.

Our young hero realised things needed to be done differently.

Unlike other manufacturers who would simply bow down and sell cheap t-shirts and hoodies that all looked the same – he realised this would not do.

He scoured the lands, visiting the deepest corners of the darkest places.

No one quite knows what happened, what he had to do or where exactly they came from.

All we know is the UniClothes Legacy Clothing range was born, three warriors a t-shirt, a hoodie and a sweatshirt that where custom manufactured with only the finest materials, to end the reign of the cheap clothes.

People saw these clothes and where in awe.

This allowed our young hero to get the website professionally created, building a support team and group of designers that believed in truly great clothes for clubs and societies across the UK.

With a team in place they were ready.

Who knows what the future holds. All we know is that our clothes are the highest quality so one day you can share your university story just like this – with someone special.

Get your club or society its legacy clothing today.